Remei x Maria&Josef

How it all began

Our story begins in spring 2020. It was when we first met with Remei for a workshop in the Coworking Space Wunderraum. After weeks of lockdown it felt very special to meet face-to-face. But the magic in the air was not just because of the significant moment in history. We were from the very beginning fascinated by Remei’s consequent value orientaton and their economic model of “all-holders value”. This principle was brought to live by Remei’s founder Patrick Hohmann over 30 years ago and stands for an innovative economic model that involves the stakeholders in the textile production chain in the creation of value and includes them in the common success.

While many value chains in the textile business where disrupted during the early phases of pandemic, Remei came through the crises comparatively well. Was Remei more resilient than other textile producers because of the “all-holder value” principle?

We can’t remember when exactly the crazy idea to produce golf shirts together with Remei came up – there are different versions of this story and of course they are all true. However, after weeks of dreaming, exploring, ideating and finally prototyping our first collection of “Maria&Josef” saw the light of day in summer 2022. We are very gratefull to be able to embark this adventure together with Remei. And we are convinced, that we can jointly change the game. Will you be part of our story?


More stories to follow soon – for example about our name, the hole in one guarantee and the backward and forward  tracing.

Maria Bassi & Barbara Josef – together we are Maria&Josef

Testing our first prototypes in summer 2021